Practicing Areas

Maritime and Transportation Law

Accounting for 80% of the global trade, maritime sector is indispensable for the world economy whereby certain circumstances can inevitably affect parties involved.

Maritime and Transportation Law is the principal field of legal expertise of HanHukuk. Principally, HanHukuk provides services to the carriers and their agencies. Notwithstanding, it also provides legal counselling and attorney services towards protecting the legal rights of cargo interests.

Within the scope of Maritime Law, HanHukuk provides legal assistance in:

  • Conflicts originating from time charter, charter-parties and freight contracts;
  • Conflicts arising from cargo;
  • Conflicts originating from the intrinsic characteristics of container carriage;
  • Container detention / demurrage, non-delivery of the cargo, container damages, return to point of origin, etc.
  • Conflicts originating from maritime collusions;
  • Arrest of Ships;
  • Sale / Purchase of vessels;
  • Construction agreements of ships and yachts;
  • Marine Insurance;
  • Resolution of disputes originating from acts of Stevedores and / or damages inflicted on terminals and/or ports;
  • Disputes arising from Cargo handling

Within the Scope of Transportation Law:

  • Resolution of disputes attributable to carriage contracts concerning the domestic and international transportation of goods;
  • Resolution of disputes attributable to contracts concerning International Carriage of goods by Air including those of aircraft chartering;
  • Resolution of disputes attributable to contracts concerning Railway Transport (COTIF) ;
  • Depot and warehousing contracts;
  • Management of third party liability insurance;


HanHukuk provides legal counselling and litigation services to local and global insurance companies with specific reference to disputes arising from international supply chain and logistics.

Within the scope of Insurance Law, HanHukuk provides legal assistance in:

  • Legal counselling regarding Insurance and Reinsurance Policies;
  • Legal advisory on FFL insurance policies;
  • Resolution of disputes arising from all type of Cargo Insurance;
  • Recourse claims and actions;
  • Legal counselling for foreign reinsurance companies;
  • Resolution of disputes by National Insurance Arbitration Commission (Sigorta Tahkim Komisyonu) ;
  • Disputes arising from CMR Insurance Policies;
  • Counselling services and resolution of conflicts attributable to P&I ;
  • Resolution of disputes originating from acts of Stevedores and / or damages inflicted on terminals and/or ports;


HanHukuk provides counselling services to real persons and legal entities in the national and international range within the scope of Corporate Law, oriented towards formation of legal infrastructure of entities in their establishment and general operational activities.

By virtue of its reliable and wide-ranging international network of legal experts/foreign law offices, HanHukuk provides legal counselling services towards establishment and ensuring the maintenance of companies, its branches and liaison offices abroad.

Within the scope of Corporate Law, HanHukuk provides legal assistance in:

  • Conduct of the works and procedures of local and foreign real persons and/or legal entities’ and partnerships, companies (especially Incorporation and Limited  Liability companies);
  • Drawing and management of the Shareholding/Partnership Agreements between partners and/or shareholders in the establishment phase;
  • Formation of corporate structure, maintenance of the functioning thereof and follow up of legal requirements;
  • Follow up of requirements for enterprise works and processes of Board of Directors (Incorporations and Limited Liability Companies);
  • Drawing up relevant and required resolutions and following the relevant procedures concerning capital increase/decrease, shares with premium (Agio), amendments on Articles of Association, opening of the branches, preparation of internal directives and assigning authorized signatures;
  • Follow up of all the necessary procedures for Ordinary and Extraordinary General Assembly;
  • Legal Advisory to Board of Directors.;
  • Procedures regarding establishment of liaison offices and branches within the Republic of Turkey for foreign legal entities;
  • Contracts regarding share transfers and mergers and acquisitions (M&A) ;
  • Resolution of conflicts among partners/shareholders;
  • Legal advisory on conflicts regarding withdrawal and expulsion from partnership in incorporations/limited companies;