Practicing Areas

Corporate Law

HanHukuk provides counselling services to real persons and legal entities in the national and international range within the scope of Corporate Law, oriented towards formation of legal infrastructure of entities in their establishment and general operational activities.

By virtue of its reliable and wide-ranging international network of legal experts/foreign law offices, HanHukuk provides legal counselling services towards establishment and ensuring the maintenance of companies, its branches and liaison offices abroad.

Within the scope of Corporate Law, HanHukuk provides legal assistance in:

  • Conduct of the works and procedures of local and foreign real persons and/or legal entities’ and partnerships, companies (especially Incorporation and Limited  Liability companies);
  • Drawing and management of the Shareholding/Partnership Agreements between partners and/or shareholders in the establishment phase;
  • Formation of corporate structure, maintenance of the functioning thereof and follow up of legal requirements; noncompetition and confidentiality obligations, conflicts primarily arising from Labour and Social Security Law such as work accidents and occupational diseases).