Practicing Areas

Labour and Social Security Law

HanHukuk provides legal advisory services to local and global companies and employees within the scope of Turkish Labour and Social Security Law and pursues the relevant mediation procedures and lawsuits.

Within the scope of Labor and Social Security Law, HanHukuk provides legal assistance in:

  • Drawing and revising of employment contracts and mutual rescission agreement suitably according to type of labour (white collar – blue collar, joe-sixpack, fixed– indefinite term, part-time – full-time etc.)
  • Drawing up of the Personal Data Protection Law documents within the scope of employment relation;
  • Drawing and revising of workplace internal and disciplinary directives;
  • Revising of personal files of employees and providing legal assistance to human resources procedures;
  • Providing legal assistance regarding the defense statements to be obtained by employers from employees and warning statements to be issued by the employers;
  • Providing of legal assistance (on-site if needed) on all other necessary matters such as intracompany organizational structure changes, employees’ duty / workplace changes;
  • Drawing up and revising contracts to be concluded with third persons (real persons and legal entities whom services are received such as private employment agencies, sub-employers, etc.);
  • Providing of legal assistance services within the scope of the negotiations and finalizations of collective employment agreements with trade unions;
  • Providing of legal assistance regarding the matters of turnovers of employment contracts and termination of employment agreements;
  • Mediation processes and litigation for conflicts arising from employment relations ( compensations, salary, social security insurance premium receivables, violation of
  • Resolution of disputes attributable to contracts concerning International Carriage of goods by Air including those of aircraft chartering;
  • Resolution of disputes attributable to contracts concerning Railway Transport (COTIF) ;
  • Depot and warehousing contracts;
  • Management of third party liability insurance;