Practicing Areas

Insurance Law

HanHukuk provides legal counselling and litigation services to local and global insurance companies with specific reference to disputes arising from international supply chain and logistics.

Within the scope of Insurance Law, HanHukuk provides legal assistance in:

  • Legal counselling regarding Insurance and Reinsurance Policies;
  • Legal advisory on FFL insurance policies;
  • Resolution of disputes arising from all type of Cargo Insurance;
  • Recourse claims and actions;
  • Legal counselling for foreign reinsurance companies;
  • Resolution of disputes by National Insurance Arbitration Commission (Sigorta Tahkim Komisyonu) ;
  • Disputes arising from CMR Insurance Policies;
  • Counselling services and resolution of conflicts attributable to P&I ;
  • Resolution of disputes originating from acts of Stevedores and / or damages inflicted on terminals and/or ports;